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Ohio National Guard Scholarship

  • Eligible Ohio National Guard Members in an active six-year or more enlistment with the Ohio National Guard (Includes Active Guard/Reserve) are awarded a lifetime maximum of 96 Educational Units (four years, full-time) toward an undergraduate degree at a participating Ohio school during their enlistment.  The Ohio National Guard Scholarship pays up to $3907 per quarter.
  • Ohio National Guard Members with at least three years of Prior Service and a three or more year, but less than a six-year, enlistment with the Ohio National Guard (Includes Active Guard/Reserve) are awarded a maximum of 48 Educational Units (two years, full-time), of tuition assistance toward an undergraduate degree at a participating Ohio school during their enlistment.
  • Scholarship program recipients must remain in good standing which includes, but is not limited to, meeting attendance requirements, physical fitness standards, weight standards, and no adverse actions.
  • The ONGSP is available for undergraduate degree programs only. ONG Members who possess a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Scholarship Program.  However, prior college credits or possession of an associate’s degree does not affect eligibility.
  • ONG Members must have Educational Units available in order to apply for a scholarship.
  • Scholarship applications are accepted during Member's ONG enlistment only. However, Members who deployed during their enlistment may apply to extend their benefit under the Latta Amendment.
  • ONG Participants MUST submit a complete and accurate application for each term by the school’s posted deadline. Applications can be submitted at:
  • ONG Participants must apply for no less than three credit hours per application/school.
  • ONG Members are not eligible to receive a scholarship for the term during which their enlistment expires unless they have been deployed, in which case they may apply under the Latta Amendment.
  • ONG Members may reenlist, or extend their enlistment, to equal a six-or-more year enlistment, to expend their 96 lifetime Educational Units.
  • Enlisted Guard Members who receive ONG Scholarships and who are then commissioned as officers or warrant officers, may continue in the Scholarship Program, provided they complete the full term of their statutory service obligation of the enlistment that provided their eligibility for the program.
  • Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program participants who do not complete their ONG enlistment obligation will be required, per Ohio Revised Code 5919.34, to repay the State of Ohio a pro-rated amount of tuition assistance expenditures plus interest (exception given to those who enlist in an active component of the armed forces, or are medically discharged or for death).
  • For more information contact the Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program Office by phone at 1‑888‑400‑6484 or by e-mail at:
  • The Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program terms correlate with UNOH terms as follows:
Ohio National Guard Term College of Applied Technologies Business College Term
Winter Quarter January/February Session Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter March/May Session Spring Quarter
Summer Quarter June/August Session Summer Quarter
Fall Quarter October/November Session Fall Quarter

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