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Financial Aid

Mission Statement: The Office of Financial Aid preserves the integrity of all financial aid programs that will promote access to higher education by eliminating cost as an obstacle for our students and families to meet their goals.
Your financial aid staff is here for you!

Monday - Friday 7:30AM — 5:00PM *
* Hours after 5pm are only offered during the first week of each academic term.

Financial Aid Process

1. Check local scholarships. Many have early deadlines

2. Create your FSA User ID at

3. Complete the FAFSA online at
  • Need to have STUDENTS Income Taxes and W2's (if any)
  • Need to have PARENTS Income Taxes and W2's (if any)
  • Everyone must file a new (or renewal) FAFSA every year
  • Complete FAFSA On-Line beginning October 1st using the
    IRS Data Retrieval tool if applicable
  • Should complete no later than 2nd week of February every year
  • Government requires 30% of filers to provide copies
    of signed tax returns with all applicable schedules and W-2’s. 
  • The UNOH School Code is 004861

4. Student receives a Student Aid Report
  • Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Purpose is to verify accuracy of FAFSA information
  • Must be verified by student and parent
  • No response necessary if all correct
(Dec-Apr 15)

5. Student receives an award letter
  • Student receives postcard and/or email with instructions
    on how to access Award Letter on-line at
  • Award Letter only tells you what you are ELIGIBLE FOR
  • An Award Letter suggests how financial aid can be distributed over applicable periods
  • Student must review distribution plan
  • Reviewing an Award Letter must be done but additional processes are required to use student loans.
  • Determine if you will need to use the offered Federal Direct Student Loan

6a. Student applies for Federal Direct Student loans at
  • Complete Entrance Counseling
  • Sign Master Promissory Note
  • Complete the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgement 
  • Determine if Federal Direct Student Loan is sufficient for all of your needs (usually not)

6b. Student and/or Parent/Co-Signer applies for additional costs
  • Apply no sooner than 180 days before students start date
  • Parents can apply for a Federal PLUS Loan. Determine if Federal Direct Parent Loan is best for you.
    • Parents may apply at
    • Note: Students for whom Federal Direct Parent PLUS loans are declined may have additional Federal Direct Student Loans available
  • Students can apply for Private Loans, and enlist assistance of a Parent or Co-Signer if necessary.    Private loans can be applied for by students or non-student borrowers. Lending options are available at ELMSelect.
    • Perform preliminary credit approval requirements
    • Sign Master Promissory Note by You, Parent, Guardian, and Co-Signer as required

7. Have your high school send your Final High School Transcript to the Registrar's Office at UNOH. This is a Federal requirement necessary for disbursement of Federal aid funds.


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