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Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Technology

The automotive and diesel industry is beginning to transition away from solely gas-powered cars and trucks towards a more diverse set of fuel options for consumers and businesses alike. More models of hybrid and electric vehicles are hitting the industry every year. Learning to maintain and repair these vehicles with a 2-year associate degree paves the way for a successful future for any UNOH student.

With a 70% hands-on approach to education, students at the University of Northwestern Ohio will learn about the design, controls, and operating characteristics of hybrid, hybrid/electric, and all-electric powered vehicles in addition to receiving an education on gas-powered vehicle repair technology.

This dual approach gives students the experience needed to work on the vehicles of today as well as the vehicles hitting the market years from now in all sectors of the transportation industry.

Like all technicians, hybrid car technicians must be highly skilled trouble-shooters and problem-solvers. Expertise in hybrid car technology, including the ability to conduct and understand computer diagnostic evaluations, knowledge of hybrid car manufacturers and dealers, and the ability to work with the public is essential.

Courses Include

  • Engine Diagnosis & Repair
  • Steering and Suspensions
  • Automotive Engine Performance
  • Computerized Engine Controls
  • Hydraulic/Electric Braking
  • Basic & Advanced Electronics
  • Advanced Technology Vehicles

Important Facts

  • 20 Students Per Class Maximum
  • 70% Hands-On Training
  • Coeducational Campus
  • Student Activities Year-Round
  • Over 20 Clubs to Join
  • Free Admittance to UNOH Indoor Athletic Complex, UNOH Athletic Events, and Limaland Motorsports Park

Once students graduate from UNOH, they will be qualified to perform maintenance on, repair, and inspect hybrid, electric, and gas-powered vehicles. As a hybrid/Electric car technician, UNOH graduates will be qualified to do in-depth diagnostics on today's advanced vehicles.

With more than 60 different hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicles available in the US market, and more models expected to be released in the coming years, the outlook in Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology is unlimited.

Become the technician of tomorrow with a degree in Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Technology from UNOH.


The Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Technology field is an emerging market filled with more job opportunities every year. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual wage of an Automotive Technician, including Hybrid Technicians, is $47,990! Annual earnings range between $35,680 and $75,100 per year depending on your job title and location of employment. Also according to the BLS, there are expected to be at least 69,000 new positions available for graduating technicians in the coming years.

Average Annual Earnings: $47,990

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Technology Programs

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