Did you know the University of Northwestern Ohio is one of the most affordable private non-profit universities in the state? Based on your program of study, please find your tuition costs below.

College of Applied Technologies

Tuition is $1,700 per 6-week session. There are 8 sessions per calendar year. Program lengths can be found in the College of Applied Technologies viewbook.

College of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions

Tuition is $230 per credit hour for traditional courses. The University recommends a course load of 15 credit hours per quarter. There are 4 quarters per calendar year.

Online Degrees

Please visit the online degrees tuition page.

Graduate College

Please visit the graduate college tuition page.

Military & Veterans

Please visit the military tuition page.

Housing Fees

Please visit the housing page for more information on dorm rates and housing options.

This information is subject to change without notice. If you enroll in classes but must withdraw before the term starts, UNOH will process your refund accordingly. After classes begin, refunds are reduced proportionally. Students who have certain types of federal financial aid are subject to other refund schedules.