University of Northwestern Ohio

High School Transcripts

All students must submit an official transcript from their high school. These transcripts must be mailed directly from your school to the University of Northwestern Ohio to be recognized as official.
Please contact your high school and request that they send a copy to:
University of Northwestern Ohio
Attn: Associate Registrar
1441 North Cable Road
Lima, OH 45805

In order for the University of Northwestern Ohio to consider the transcript official the following information must be included:

  • Date of Graduation
  • Signature of School Official
  • Rank of Student
  • Imprint/Raised Seal
  • GPA - cumulative

* High School must note on the transcript if it does not rank students; use a raised seal or signature.

Students with a GED

The University of Northwestern Ohio requires all students who have passed the GED to submit a copy of the test scores/transcript (not the certificate).  For questions regarding how to obtain the GED test scores, please contact the Department of Education of the state where the GED was obtained or visit the testing service website at or  The GED can be mailed, faxed, sent electronically, or hand-delivered to the Registrar’s Office.

GED Transcript Request and Release of Information Form

Home-Schooled Students

Students who have been home-schooled must provide the following documentation as the final transcript:

  • Transcript outlining all courses taken (must be signed by home school certifier and notarized)
  • Course descriptions of courses taken
  • Grades received in those courses
  • Date of completion of all requirements for graduation
  • Documentation outlining a curriculum approved by the state where the student was home-schooled, if required by state.

Request for High School Transcript

Request for High School Transcript Form