Academic Standings

Good Standing

Diploma/Certificate Students
1-29 credit hours = 1.75
30+ credit hours = 2.00

Associate or Bachelor Degree Students
1-44 credit hours = 1.75 45+ credit hours = 2.00

Academic Warning

Students below good standing status for a term, but whose accumulative g.p.a. meets good standing status, will be placed on Academic Warning.

Academic Probation

Students whose accumulative g.p.a. falls below good standing status will be placed on Academic Probation the first time. They will then have one quarter for the Colleges of Business, Health Professions, and Occupational Professions and three sessions for the College of Applied Technologies to raise their accumulative average to good standing status or be considered for suspension.

Academic Suspension

Students who are on probation and do not raise their accumulative g.p.a. to 2.0 may be academically suspended. Any dorm student who is academically suspended must sign an exit sheet at the Housing Office.

Suspended students must contact Danielle McClure in the Student Success Department to make an academic success plan and also make a written appeal letter for re-admission. Students' letters should explain the reason for the low g.p.a. and the steps the students plan to take to raise their g.p.a. to a level of "good standing." The letters should be submitted to the Advising Office. This application must be approved by the Academic Qualifications Committee. After re-admission into the University, if students do not meet the requirements, they may be permanently dismissed. Students are required to retake courses in which they have received F's. If their accumulative average continues below good standing status, they will be permanently dismissed. If the same class is failed three times (regardless of GPA) the student will be academically dismissed.

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