University of Northwestern Ohio

Current Student Requirements


Maintaining your F-1 status while in the United States is extremely important. International Student Services (ISS) advises you on immigration, travel documents, permission to work (Curricular Practical Training and Optical Practical Training recommendation), transfers and extension of study. ISS will also assist you with other US government documentation such as social security card, Ohio driver's license and tax forms.

As an international student at UNOH it is your responsibility to maintain your status while staying in the US. The Designated School Official has certain duties to maintain the student's Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record, and must understand the F-1 rules and regulations.

To maintain F-1 status, a student must:

  1. Report to the International Student Services office on either the 1st or 2nd day of every quarter/session in order to check in. This is to verify in SEVIS that the student is present and in status.
  2. Attend only the school you were authorized to attend (UNOH).
  3. Maintain a full course of study:
    • CoB,HP,OP - A minimum of 12 credit hours per quarter - 9 credit hours must be in classroom/person
    • CoAT - A minimum of 6 credit hours per session - 6 credit hours must be in classroom/person
  4. Normal progress towards the completion of program, completing courses before the I-20 expiration date.
  5. Maintain a valid I-20 by following the correct procedures. Please see "Extension of Stay" for a program extension if you cannot complete your program by the program completion date.
  6. Limit on-campus employment which only allows up to 20 hours per week while school is in session.
  7. Abstain from off campus employment without authorization.
  8. Report a change of address and major to the DSO within 10 days, so SEVIS can be updated.
  9. Possess a valid passport at all times (Passport must be valid for at least 6 months into the future to enter the U.S.).

Failure to Comply with Regulations

As an international student at UNOH, it remains your responsible to follow all immigration regulations that relate to F-1 students. Failure to comply with these regulations, you will be "out of status" and your SEVIS record will be terminated and you will be forced to leave the US. You will forfeit your F-1 student benefits; such as, CPT and OPT.

Extension of Stay

"Completion of Studies" on your I-20 is the date you are expected to complete your program requirements. If you are unable to complete your program requirements by this date you can apply for a program extension prior to the completion date with the ISS Office. Failure to do this would be a violation of your status.

Address Change

If your address changes you must notify the ISS Office immediately. If you have completed your degree and are pursuing OPT, you must report your address to the DSO by e-mail