University of Northwestern Ohio

Campus Life During Covid-19

On-Campus Housing

  • UNOH students living in on-campus housing or off-campus housing are permitted to visit dorms that they do not reside in. 
  • Students should regularly clean and disinfect their living spaces. There is signage in each dorm detailing how and when to clean different types of surfaces.

There are dorms set aside to be used for quarantine or isolation needs should a student living on-campus begin to show symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 and be unable to travel home to isolate.  For details, see the “Reporting, Monitoring, and Identifying Potential Cases” page.

Support Services

Students will continue to receive support in a variety of ways both in person and virtually depending on the student’s needs.  Please visit the following pages for services available:

On Campus Dining

Food service options at UNOH will follow all current guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health. Both Dine-In and Carry-out options are available. 

Student Activities and Campus Events

Racers Station will continue to be the home base for most of the student activities planned at UNOH.  Students are asked to keep an eye on their UNOH email and Racer Alerts messages for details or safety protocols during any student event. 

Racers Station protocols:

  • Pool tables are open – cues and balls will be disinfected between each user.
  • Video game consoles are available for use – they will be disinfected between each use.
  • Tables and surfaces will be cleaned frequently as students leave each table.
  • Any student showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave and consult their local healthcare provider. Infrared thermometers are available at Racers Station if a student feels they may be coming down with a fever.
  • Employees and student workers will wash hands frequently and perform daily self-screenings to monitor for any symptoms of COVID-19. Any staff member experiencing symptoms will be sent home and any impacted area will be disinfected immediately

Third Party Visitors to Campus

  • All visitors must follow all safety protocols and procedures put in place by UNOH.

Students, Staff or Faculty who are not following the University guidelines may be subject to disciplinary action.