University of Northwestern Ohio

Law Enforcement

Any students, staff or faculty who are survivors of sexual violence, harassment, assault or stalking are encouraged to report the incident(s) to law enforcement.
To report an assault or other crime to the UNOH Safety Services office, please call 419-998-3167.

Non-emergency contact information for other local police agencies include:

  • Lima Police Department, 419-221-5264
  • American Township Police Department, 419-331-6788
  • Allen County Sheriff's Department, 419-227-3535
  • Lima Fire Department, 419-221-5164
  • American Township Fire Department, 419-339-3921
In case of an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Choosing to report an assault to the UNOH Safety Services Office, or other law enforcement agencies, does not require filing criminal charges. However, it does allow support systems to be put into place to aid the survivor.

It is best if reporting is done as soon as possible after the assault occurs, but it may be done at any point. Students, staff and faculty who decide to notify law enforcement should be aware of the urgency of reporting the incident and the importance of preserving the physical evidence at the scene of the incident as well as on the person who was harmed. If the victim chooses to report the assault days, weeks or even months after the assault, support systems are still available but criminal investigations become more difficult.

Sexual assaults for which individuals seek medical treatment must be reported to the appropriate police agency by health care officials. However, as noted above, students are not required to file a police report.