University of Northwestern Ohio

Housing Policies

Sherwood Park Dorms


Policy Quick Facts

  • The Housing Office conducts inspections once a week and may enter the dorm when unoccupied.
  • The University of Northwestern Ohio cannot provide insurance for personal belongings.  Insurance for personal items if broken, damaged, or in case of fire, flood or acts of nature must be provided by the student.  It is recommended that students purchase renter's insurance to cover their personal belongings.
  • If students are interested in moving dorms, they must stop at the Housing Office for approval and complete the proper paperwork.  The paperwork must be completed prior to moving any items.
  • If at any time students would like to move off-campus, they must remove all belongings from the dorm, clean up the area, return the key to the Housing Office and sign a Housing Exit Sheet.

Renovation and Relocation

There are times throughout the year that may require a student to relocate to another dorm. We do our best to try to limit these moves to one or two per academic year; however, as these circumstances arise we work with the students to ensure they select the environment they would like to live in after their initial allotment.

Occupancy: If a dorm falls to or below 50% occupancy, students will be relocated to another dorm.

Relocation: A student can be asked to relocate as a part of the housing disciplinary process. 

Renovation: Because the university operates year round, the Maintenance and Housing Departments decide annually what areas need to be vacated for remodeling and updating. Students who are living in those facilities will be required to move to a different dorm.

In any of these circumstances, space will be made available on campus for these students. At no point, other than judicially, will a student be required to move off campus (please see disciplinary actions). 

Breaks, Holidays, and Time Off from Classes

Over the course of the academic year, there are several breaks and holidays that give the students some time to relax and get ready for new areas of study. In terms of University Housing, as long as students are scheduled for the next session or quarter, they are able to leave their personal items in their dorm and even stay in the dorm should they so choose over the break/holiday.

If at any time students decide to leave the University for one or more sessions or quarters, the University cannot guarantee space in on-campus housing upon returning.  If students want to return to school and live in the dorms, they must contact Housing at (419) 998-3170 or email two weeks prior to returning to request a dorm and check availability.  Students must have pre-approval from the Housing Director prior to returning to the dormitories.

Transgender Housing Policy

The University of Northwestern Ohio strives to maintain a safe and inclusive community where individuals are respected and differences are celebrated.

Students who identify as transgender are asked to discuss their housing options, room assignments and/or their living environment at UNOH with the Director of Housing or Student Success Office. UNOH offers apartment style housing with 2-4 bedrooms each at double occupancy typically assigned by same sex units. We will assist transgender students with their residential placements on a case by case basis, including access to housing consistent with their gender identity. We encourage students to discuss housing options as soon as possible while the widest range of options are available.

For a full list of policies and procedures, please see the Student Handbook.

Housing Contact

1441 N. Cable Rd.
Lima, Ohio 45805
Attn: Housing Department