University of Northwestern Ohio

About UNOH - Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The University of Northwestern Ohio is a private, not-for-profit institution, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit known for a diversified curriculum of quality programs valued by employers. The University embraces a student-centered, community-engaged culture that respects the values of its students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Strategic Plan

UNOH Strategic Plan – 2018-2022

Vision Statement

The University of Northwestern Ohio’s vision is to be a premier provider of high-quality education through innovative and experiential learning environments. The University strives to develop empowered graduates who think critically and creatively, and make a positive impact on their profession and community.

Value Statements

The University of Northwestern Ohio provides an educational setting and experience that reflects our Six Guiding Principles:



The University of Northwestern Ohio is responsible for providing a quality education to its students through the classroom and labs while fostering real-world connections to the workforce. The University will encourage integrity and accountability through its educational programs which are offered in response to community, constituent, and industry needs.



The University offers an education free from barriers where everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential. Students from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds are given the opportunity to succeed and thrive both academically and personally.



The University of Northwestern Ohio is committed to engaging with internal and external constituents, its network of professionals, and the local, regional, and national community through communication and partnerships.



The University strives to pursue excellence in all educational program offerings through a continuous commitment to curriculum, critical thinking, and academic growth.



UNOH promotes a culture of respect by promoting a supportive and inclusive learning and social environment for all students, employees, and stakeholders.



The University focuses on fiscal responsibility while supporting the success of students and graduates through vibrant programs, and at the same time continuously responding to evolving societal changes.