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Testing Center FAQs

Do I need a reservation to take a test in the Testing Center?

If your test will be taken on a computer, you need to make a reservation. Reserved computers will be held for 15 minutes. Students without computer reservations will be allowed to test if there is an unreserved computer available.

Paper tests do not require a reservation.

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can now be made online. For instructions, please visit the Testing Center page on MyUNOH. If you have trouble scheduling, please email the testing center at

What do I need to bring with me to the Testing Center?

Bring a photo ID (student ID or Driver's License), and make sure you know the name of your instructor. Also bring whatever is needed and permitted to complete the test, i.e., pencil, paper, calculator, CD, etc.

How do I know if I'm allowed to use books, notes, calculator or other materials during a test?

Your instructor will have given you and the Testing Center directions as to what materials you are allowed to use while taking the test. If there are no directions, it is assumed that you may not use additional materials. Testing Center staff does not interpret nor modify instructor directions. Any materials that you bring into the Testing Center which are not related to the test must be put on the bookshelf in the Testing Center marked for this purpose. This includes books, book bags, notebooks, soft drinks, etc. You may keep your purse with you to set on the floor beneath your testing desk.

May I bring my child or a companion into the Testing Center?

No. Only persons taking tests will be permitted in the Testing Center. Laptop computers, listening devices of any kind, and cell phones which have not been turned completely off are also not allowed in the Testing Center.

How do I know how much time I have to complete a test?

Your instructor will indicate in the test instructions if there is a time limit. If the instructor has not done so, the Testing Center will allow 60 minutes for a test and 90 minutes for a Final Exam.

What is the latest time of day or evening that I can take a test?

The last test is given out one hour before the Testing Center's closing time. If the Testing Center is scheduled to close at 9:00 pm, for example, you must arrive by 8:00 pm. If your test is a Final Exam, you must arrive by 7:30 pm (1 ½ hour before Testing Center closing time).

Are there rules of conduct in the Testing Center?

Yes. Please review on the Testing Center page on MyUNOH prior to coming in to the testing center.

What happens if I cheat on a test?

You will be reported to your instructor and the appropriate Dean of the University.

Testing Center Hours & Contact


Visit MyUNOH to view hours.

The Testing Center follows the University calendar and will close during holiday observances and inclement weather delays and/or closings.