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Drop-In Tutoring

Student tutors are available in the Student Success Center to assist students throughout the day. Students may come in and seek tutoring assistance free of charge with no appointment necessary. Stop by the center for the most current tutor schedule.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are students who have already been through the course, earned a "B" or higher and are in good academic standing. They are pre-approved by the Student Success Department before they are assigned a student to assist.

Cost of Tutoring

Tutoring is $4.00 an hour and it is billed through the Cashier's office. This means that you do not have to pay for tutoring prior to the scheduled meetings.

Writing Assistance

Students who would like additional assistance for written papers or projects can email the assignment to 48 hours prior to the due date. When sending a paper or project, please include the following:

  • Name
  • Due Date
  • Instructor
  • Course
  • Type of Assignment and/or Requirements of Assignments
  • The most important thing(s) I need help with regarding this assignment
  • If you have access to an electronic version of a rubric or directions for the assignment, you can also attach those documents with your work. The more information you provide the better.


To Become a Tutor

All tutors are required to be in good academic standing, expected to have taken the course in which they wish to tutor, and earned a "B" or higher.

If you would like to sign up to be a peer tutor, please submit your Tutor Application to the Tutoring Specialist via email at

Tutors earn $8.15/hour and do not need to be work study eligible.

Once you become a tutor please see the Tutoring Specialist in the Student Success Department for timesheets to track your hours.

Student Success Center Contact

1441 N. Cable Rd.
Lima, Ohio 45805
Attn: Student Success Center


Contact Information

Jason Wagner, MBA, Director of Student Success

  • phone_android Phone: 419-998-8823 (office)
  • fax Fax: 419-998-8455
  • mail Email:

Angela Osmon, Tutoring Specialist


Student Success Coaches

Sophia DePalma, Student Success Coach

  • phone_android Phone: 419-998-8404 (office)
  • fax Fax: 419-998-8455
  • mail Email:

Bob Elsass, Student Success Coach

  • phone_android Phone: 419-998-8830 (office)
  • fax Fax: 419-998-8455
  • mail Email: