University of Northwestern Ohio

Information Technology

Computer Labs

The University is committed to using the latest computer technologies where appropriate and therefore provides lab environments for its students.

  • The Cyber Centre is available for students and caters to those who wish to do homework on campus if other labs are not available.
  • The University Library located in the 13000 Building has computers for both general purpose use and for research.

E-Mail Services

This service is made available to students who have applied for and are accepted into the University through to a full year after graduating from UNOH. They may use the same account information to access email as they do for all other network services. This service is available to them by logging on at

Instructional Technology

Along with the many computer labs and classrooms, the majority of the other classrooms on campus have instructional computers available to faculty members to assist in the teaching of their courses. Many of these classrooms also have permanently mounted computer technology and projection systems for dynamic instructor interactivity with their students. We continue to add these technologies to the classroom so that our faculty can provide our students with the best educational experience while attending the University.

Internet Access in the Dorm

Students who reside in the University dorms may subscribe to local or national Internet Service Providers (ISP) for a monthly fee. The dorms are provided with cable television service as part of the housing fees so many students subscribe to Spectrum Roadrunner cable modem service at an additional monthly fee.

Mobile Services

There are many services available to students and employees of UNOH for use on mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, and tablets (iPad and Android). These services are listed along with instructions on how to access them at Please visit this page occasionally to find out about the latest growing offerings for mobile access to these UNOH services.


The university provides a self-service resource that is available both on and off of campus that is readily accessible through the Internet. Logging onto MyUNOH provides students with online access to academic records and other useful services such as class registration, program evaluation, online tuition payments, direct deposit refunds, and links to many other UNOH resources.

Network Services

All of our students within any of the colleges at the University have an account set up for their use at the time they make application to UNOH. This username/password pair may be used to readily access services made available within any lab on campus, as well as over the Internet. These services include the use of email boxes, lab and classroom computers, printers, file storage, the Internet, and other UNOH resources. Students are provided account information in a letter from the Admissions Office when they apply and are accepted to the University as a student. This letter should be saved for future reference when it is received as it will be needed when students want to log onto any of the services made available to them.

Password Resets and Username Lookups

The Information Technology Department maintains the site which allows students to change or reset their UNOH account password. To reset a password simply log onto, click on the "Reset Password" link, and complete the requested form. Passwords resets are immediate and can be performed at any time.

In addition to password changes and resets, students may also look up their username if they have forgotten it. To look up a user name, log onto, click on Lookup Username, and complete the requested form. If the student obtains the username and the password is not known either, use the instructions above to reset the password after obtaining their username.

Planned Maintenance

Every Friday from 4:00 - 7:00 a.m. (EST)

The Information Technology department performs routine maintenance on the IT infrastructure to keep it all running at peak performance. This maintenance is normally scheduled for each Friday from 4:00 - 7:00 a.m. This window of time allows us to not only maintain the health of our infrastructure but also gives us the opportunity to apply upgrades and security patches that can wait until that time. Normally, not all services are affected all at once during this time period so you will find that many may still be available for your use. However, please schedule your activities around this window as you will experience some disruption of one or more services during these hours.

Although few and far between, we may at times be required to perform emergency service that is beyond our control and requiring immediate attention. You will be notified as soon as the emergency comes to our attention so that you may plan around such outages. We appreciate your patience at those times when we devote our full attention to resolving the problem.

Student Academic Servers

The University has installed servers that are accessible to students in certain disciplines to do course work. These servers will be made available to students as required by the courses that are taken by them. This access and information will be given to students by their instructor if it is required.

Technical Support

Lab Assistants are available to help students with technology in the labs during regular business hours. These lab assistants are available in both the Cyber Center located in the College of Business 100 Building and the Library in the 13000 building.


Web Services

All current students (those who are currently taking classes within any college) have an account assigned for accessing network services. This same account can also be used to sign onto any of the University web sites. These sites may be used to access student services including but not limited to the following:
Faculty and Employee Directory
Class Scheduling
Research Libraries
Current Class Schedules
On-line Grade Cards
Master Schedule of Courses
On-line Course Catalog
Current Curricula
Software Tutorials
Virtual College and Enhanced Classes
Many academic forms and documents such as grading rubrics and registration forms

Wireless Network Access

As a courtesy to its faculty, staff and students, the University of Northwestern Ohio provides wireless access to the public Internet through access points located in certain areas throughout campus. This service is provided as is, and while the University IT department assumes responsibility for maintaining the wireless infrastructure, no level of service is guaranteed and no support will be provided to end users beyond the basic instructions required to connect to the network. Users of the wireless network are expected to adhere to the University's Technology Usage Ethics policy at all times.

Wireless Network Access instructions can be located here.