University of Northwestern Ohio

Racer Alerts

First Time User Registration

The first time you enter the Racer Alerts! system, you will be guided through the registration process. Follow the instructions below to set your preferences along the way if you wish. If you’re unsure of any settings, you may click the “Continue” button in the bottom right of the pages to accept the defaults. Click on the “Finish Signup” button on the last page to complete the registration process. Once the initial registration process is complete, you will be directed to the home page of your profile. You are then able to use the system and make any changes to your profile settings at any time to suit your needs.



Logging into the Racer Alerts! System

In order to get into Racer Alerts! you’ll need to be logged into the MyUNOH portal ( The Racer Alerts! link is found within the Quick Links group. This will take you to and log you into your contact profile home page.

This is a sample home page of what you should see after you log into the system:


You may also use the URL to go directly to Racer Alerts!, but you’ll need to log into the system using your UNOH username and password. Note that you will be authenticating at the website.

Once you have logged into the system, you’ll be able to manage your messaging preferences. And depending upon your registration data with the Registrars or HR offices, you may have multiple email addresses and phone numbers already listed on the home page. You may change these as appropriate for your situation.

Adding Secondary Email Addresses

Your UNOH email address will always be your primary email address but you may add additional ones by using the “Edit Profile” button.

  • Scroll down to “CONTACT INFORMATION” then click “Add another email address”.

  • Enter the secondary email address and check the “Receive email” box.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Finish” button.

  • Then go into the inbox of the account you just added where you will find an email message from the system. Click on the confirmation link to activate this account within Racer Alerts! The email address will not be used unless it is first confirmed.

Adding Additional Phones

You may add one or more phone numbers to your account in order to receive text message and voice message alerts.

  • To add additional phone numbers to your account, click on the “Add another phone number” link.

  • Enter the phone number and select its type (Cell, Home, etc.).
  • Checking the box “SMS/Text” and/or “Call” for the type of messages you would like the system to send to the phone. When “Call” is checked, the system will make a voice call to the phone and the message will be spoken to the receiver of the call.
  • If the number is for a land line or a cell phone that cannot receive text messages, check the “SMS incapable” checkbox.
  • Then check the “I allow Regroup to send me voice and text messages. Standard rates apply.” checkbox. If this box isn’t checked, the system will not send messages nor call the number to speak a voice message.

You may also remove any unused phone numbers from the list by clicking on the trash can icon beside the number you wish to remove. Once you are finished updating the phone numbers, click the “Save Finish” button at the bottom right of the page.

Setting the Preferred Language

The Racer Alerts! system uses English as the default language in which to send messages. If you would prefer to have the messages sent in your native language, you may choose the language using the “Edit Profile” button.

  • Scroll down to “Post Preferred Language” then select your language of choice.

  • Then scroll down and click the “Save Finish” button at the bottom right of the page.

Adding NOAA Weather Alerts

Racer Alerts! has the ability to send out NOAA ( tornado warning alerts whenever NOAA triggers a tornado warning for Allen County, Ohio, which is where the UNOH campus is located. In addition to this, NOAA will trigger the outdoor warning sirens indicating that everyone should immediately seek out shelter in a designated tornado shelter during the duration of a tornado warning.

You may subscribe to the NOAA tornado warning alerts by using the “Edit Profile” button.

  • Scroll down to “OTHER SUBSCRIPTIONS” then click on it.
  • You should see “NOAA Weather Alerts” listed as one of the many channels that you may subscribe to.
  • Click on the “Subscribe” link on the right side of the channel.

  • The NOAA Weather Alerts channel will be put into your “MY SUBSCRIPTIONS” list.
  • Then scroll down and click the “Save Finish” button at the bottom right of the page.

Group Notification Preferences

You may set your notification preferences for your groups by visiting the “MY GROUPS” section and clicking on it. You will then see a list of the groups you are currently subscribed to. Once there, you may pick and choose what types of messages you prefer to receive from each of them.

The most immediately received messages are those sent via SMS/Text. In addition, the groups with the “EMS” prefix are notated as emergency messages when sent to the cellular service providers for distribution. Most cellular providers will give these messages first priority over all other messages that are queued up in their systems to be sent. Generally speaking, the EMS groups will only be sent messages of high importance such as tornado warnings, campus closures, or other campus emergency situations.

Email messages follow along very quickly thereafter since they are also an electronic form of communication.

Call/Voice messages may take much longer to receive depending upon the number of voice calls the system may need to place in order to notify everyone wishing to receive them. Please keep this in mind when selecting Call/Voice as a message option as it is the slowest way to receive messages.

Be sure to click the “Save Finish” button at the bottom right of the page before leaving this page to save your preferences.

*** For your own protection, UNOH asks that you do not turn off the EMS text notifications unless your cell phone cannot receive them. If you should turn them off, you may put yourself at risk should you not receive a timely warning of a campus emergency.