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Mathematics Lab

Welcome to the UNOH Mathematics Lab

The Math Lab is located on the main floor of the 13000 (Student Commons) building in room 13119. The UNOH Mathematics Lab is a free service open to all UNOH undergraduate students and for students in selected graduate quantitative courses who seek additional assistance with a Math course outside of their normal classroom setting. The students are served by walk-in basis.

*Please note that the help provided by the UNOH Mathematics Lab is in Math courses only and does not include Economics, Finance or Accounting courses.


The UNOH Mathematics Lab's mission is to provide its students with the appropriate resources and knowledge to become more successful when using various Math skills and apply the apprehension appropriately for both their professional and personal lives.


The UNOH Mathematics Lab

  • Strongly emphasizes a student's desire to learn and understand any and all Math material that they are given so they can master the material once leaving the lab.
  • Is designed to place students more at ease with any anxiety concerning Math.
  • Takes great pride into making any Math course more fun, enjoyable, and more self-fulfilling for every student who has a goal in mind of becoming a great business/technical professional.

The UNOH Mathematics Lab understands that everyone learns at their own pace, hence the staff is supportive and patient in the learning process.

What to Expect in the UNOH Mathematics Lab

  • Every student who uses the Mathematics Lab will need to bring their student ID with them.  Students should go to Room 13,113, and a Student Success Center worker will sign them in.  The students can then go to Room 13,119 (Mathematics lab) to use the room’s resources.  If needing to meet with a Math Lab tutor, be sure to sign in on the tutor’s individual log book.  These sign-in protocols are to help understand student foot traffic and evaluate for future endeavors for the Student Success Center.
  • Come prepared with pencils, paper, books, calculators, etc. Computers will be provided for courses that require the use of software and online programs.
  • Have at least tried to work through some of the homework to give the Math Lab staff a better understanding of where you, the student, is struggling with certain math topics.

What the UNOH Mathematics Lab is NOT

  • A replacement for the classroom. For a student to fully understand their course, they must first understand the expectations and directions of their instructor to complete assigned material successfully. Instructors have the option to deviate from their syllabus at will and it is the student's responsibility to be aware of the changes to the course that an instructor or professor makes.
  • A substitute from missed classes. The Math Lab cannot compare with instructor direction and expectations, as read from the previous bullet point. It is advised to keep in contact with your instructor or professor when missing a class period.
  • A last minute resort before an exam, midterm, or final examination. The Math Lab cannot replace weeks of material into a few hours of tutoring. It is advised that a student is seen in the Math Lab frequently throughout the week to grasp a better understanding of the various material covered in their course.

Tips for Using the UNOH Mathematics Lab

  • Stop into the Math Lab the first day of class just to introduce yourself and know who to meet once problems start to arise throughout the course.
  • Become acquainted with peers in your Math course and form study groups. Having familiar faces to work with while in the Math Lab will help to create better success once leaving the lab.
  • Do similar problems to your assigned course work with the answers in the back of the book to grasp a better understanding of the material.
  • Every student learns on a different platform than the rest of their peers. The learning process is slow when tackling new material, but with time and patience, anything is possible with the right attitude and approach.


UNOH Mathematics Lab hours are adjusted each term to provide adequate coverage for the types of courses and the times various courses are offered during each term. Math Lab hours can be viewed on the MyUNOH Math Lab Portal page.

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