Filing Tips

  1. Prior to completing any application, thoroughly review all instructions.
  2. When completing the FAFSA on-line double-check all entries for accuracy and be sure to print the confirmation page.
  3. Be sure to answer all questions as directed.
  4. Use source documents whenever referenced on the application.
  5. Include correct school code - UNOH = 004861.
  6. Be sure to submit and sign all requested forms.
  7. Be prepared to submit supporting documentation for all information reported by student and/or parents.
  8. Request an IRS Federal Income Tax Transcript for both students and parents by calling 1-800-908-9946 or order online at
  9. Request your high school counselor to submit a copy of your final high school transcript as soon as it is available.
  10. Respond immediately to requests for additional documentation. No need-based aid can be credited until the student's file is complete. (This includes Federal Pell Grant; Federal SEOG Grant; Ohio College Opportunity Grant, PHEAA Grant; Vermont Grant, Rhode Island Grant, Maine Grant & Federal Direct Student Loan).
  11. Maintain a file of all materials received from Aid Office or other processing agencies. Keep duplicates of all materials sent to the Aid Office or other processing agencies.
  12. Apply for all different types of aid if there is potential for eligibility.
    1) Local Scholarships
    2) Parent's Place of Employment
    3) Military Branches
    4) Chamber of Commerce
    5) Library for others
  13. Notify Aid Office immediately and in writing regarding any changes in data reported previously - including changes of address.
  14. Contact Aid Office, high school counselor, or processing agency with questions - don't guess or assume. Be sure to explain any unusual circumstances directly to the Financial Aid Office
  15. Apply early - most aid is handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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