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College Credit Plus

Start taking college classes early! Enroll in UNOH’s College Credit Plus program where we offer a variety of courses on campus and online. Enrolling in College Credit Plus will allow students to connect with faculty and start the transition to college early.

Earn College Credit and High School Credit Simultaneously!

Students from the state of Ohio can reduce the cost and length of time to receive a degree!

What is College Credit Plus (CCP)?

College Credit Plus is a statewide Ohio program that provides an opportunity for qualified high school students to take college courses for both high school and college credit. Earned credits are applied to a students’ college transcript which can fast track their graduation! College Credit Plus is designed to promote challenging academic careers and provide an array of options to college-ready students. For more information on the program please visit


  • All courses are taken alongside UNOH undergraduate students.
  • Significant cost saving - By earning college credit in high school, students can reduce their total investment in college education!
  • All College Credit Plus students have access to their instructors via email, telephone, and in-person during scheduled office hours.
  • All College Credit Plus students are considered UNOH students and have access to UNOH resources such as its library, tutoring services, and academic advising.
  • All College Credit Plus students can take part in the college experience, interacting with full-time college students and university faculty, while experiencing college-level courses.

Eligibility Requirements

Students interested in UNOH’s College Credit Plus program must:

  • Take a college-readiness exam and meet the assessment threshold score.
  • Submit an application indicating interest in College Credit Plus.
  • Request official high school transcripts be sent to UNOH for evaluation.

Some courses will require placement testing before coursework can begin.

Recommended Courses

College Credit Plus @ UNOH - Recommended Courses
The University of Northwestern Ohio has compiled a list of recommended courses for students to enroll in as part of UNOH’s College Credit Plus program. Courses in the College of Applied Technologies are not available.

How to Apply for College Credit Plus

  1. See your guidance counselor for details.
  2. Request an application packet.

Contact Information

For more information about College Credit Plus, please email