Online Degree in Travel & Hotel Management

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Our program's combination of practical knowledge and real-world experience will give you the skills you need to be a successful member of the travel and hospitality industry. Prepare yourself for a rewarding career from the University of Northwestern Ohio's Travel & Hotel Management program.

Imagine yourself on a Caribbean cruise. As part of our Travel and Hotel Management curriculum, students may choose to go on a cruise which prepares them experience in the travel and hospitality industry.

The travel industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and while more information is available electronically, new opportunities have opened up for web-based agents working from home, specializing in Travel & Hotel Management.

Meanwhile, the hospitality side of tourism continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, leaving a high demand for many exciting careers, such as:

  • Hotel managers
  • Resort managers
  • Restaurant managers
  • Event planners
  • Cruise line personnel

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