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The Marketing curriculum prepares students for positions in public relations, retail, wholesale, and manufacturing organizations. Success can be achieved with strong communication skills, computer skills, and creativity. The program is designed around practical experience with the understanding of marketing principles.

Baccalaureate Degrees

Associate Degrees

At the University of Northwestern Ohio, we've been graduating successful business owners for years. Our programs offer an innovative interactive approach towards Marketing education. Every degree offered at the University of Northwestern Ohio sets new standards for educational excellence, collaboration with faculty, workplace experience and real-life projects.

The conception of this program was due to the community needs for a stand-alone Marketing degree. The program is designed around practical experience with the understanding of marketing principles. Students are given the chance to apply marketing knowledge to organizational situations in order to fulfill customer needs in a changing, global environment. The focus of the marketing program is to provide students with an in-depth practical approach to analyzing, planning, and implementing marketing strategies.

UNOH combines academic theory and applied skills development in a specialized curriculum that will provide the foundation for your career. Here are some advantages to the UNOH Marketing Program:

  • You can receive a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in just 36 months
  • Most classes end by 2:00pm so you can pursue internships or employment
  • Our faculty provides continual individual attention - you won't be taught by a graduate assistant

Our program is unique because every student gets an opportunity to take their major courses within their first quarter, unlike other institutions, who offer you general education courses your first two years of the program. While with us, by taking those major courses on your first day as you enter the University you get that real life experience, which engages the student in real life understanding in that field of study.

What do employers look for in a marketing position?

  • Effective marketing and communication skills
  • Sales and leadership ability
  • Production and Business decision making skills
  • A global business perspective

The Marketing degree program at UNOH provides a curriculum that educates the student in all these areas.

As a result, when you graduate you will qualify for a variety of careers to choose from both in private and non-profit organizations. Such as:

  • Direct marketing promotions
  • Product marketing
  • Business development
  • Brand management
  • Marketing executive
  • Advertising and Marketing Managers
  • Public Relations and Sales Managers
  • And Business Owners