Future Students

Student Life

UNOH provides students with exciting college experience with many social, recreational and club activities directed toward meeting the wide variety of student needs and interests.

The Student Activities Department encourages social, recreational, and moral development of students by providing programs and activities directed toward meeting the wide variety of student needs and interests.

The University of Northwestern Ohio realizes that student activities are an important part of the University experience. To provide the activities required by ever-expanding enrollments, the University has a gymnasium, an indoor athletic center, and an event center that houses our very own night club known as Club UNOH.

The University also offers a wide variety of special events throughout the year. Some of the more popular events include welcome week, fall and winter bowling nights, comedy nights, live music events, student truck pulls, and involvement in various clubs. The University of Northwestern Ohio schedules a variety of dances throughout the year; the most popular is the annual Halloween dance and costume contest.


Club UNOH provides a relaxed atmosphere that students can enjoy anytime. They can do homework, shoot pool, watch TV or just hang out with friends. Club UNOH has free wireless internet and laptop computers for students to use while visiting the club.

Indoor Athletic Complex

The Indoor Athletic Complex offers a large variety of cardio equipment, weight lifting machines, free weights, rock wall, and a fitness room; and is free for all current UNOH students.

The Gymnasium

The gymnasium aka "The Garage" is available for sporting events, intramural sports, entertainment groups, visiting lecturers and other special programs.

These facilities provide excellent opportunities for activities that develop skills in leadership and responsibility, as well as activities that are necessary for success in today's business world. They provide the necessary cultural and social environments to prepare students for the productive future they desire.

All hours of operation are posted in their respective areas.

The University encourages all students to become involved in organizations and activities. Student involvement in various clubs and activities is a great way to make lifelong friends.

Lima recreational needs are served by eleven city parks, boating and fishing in seven reservoirs, five public and two private golf courses, two state parks, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.