Financial Aid Contact:
1441 N. Cable Rd.
Lima, Ohio 45805
Attn: Office of Financial Aid

Phone: (419) 998-3140
Fax: (419) 998-3191

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Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the school code for The University of Northwestern Ohio?


Do I have to reapply for financial aid each year?

Yes you should. All Federal & State financial aid grants, scholarships and loans require that you reapply for financial aid every year.

I am a current/returning student, how do I apply for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?

All current/returning students should reapply for the FAFSA online at

When should I reapply for financial aid for next year?

The earliest you can submit your FAFSA is January 1st. However, for maximum consideration and to avoid late fees, please be sure to file by April 1, prior to starting college.

I do not remember my pin number. How do I retrieve a duplicate copy of my pin?

You can retrieve a duplicate copy of your 4-digit pin number by requesting a duplicate pin at You will use this 4-digit pin number to electronically sign your FAFSA online.

How many hours do I need to take to receive aid?

To receive aid as a full-time student, in the College of Business, Occupational Professions, and Health Professions you must take 12 hours per term. In the College of Applied Technologies, you must take 6 hours per term. For part-time, you must take 6 hours minimum in Business, Occupational Professions, or Health Professions, or 3 hours minimum in Applied Technologies. Please note though that the aid you qualify for as a part-time student may be significantly less than that of full-time.

What if my family’s financial circumstances have changed?

If the financial circumstances in your family have changed substantially, you may have your financial aid eligibility reviewed. Contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss if such a review is possible.