Career Services

FAQ's for Parents

How early before my son/daughter starts school should they start looking for employment in the Lima area?

A few weeks before they start they can check out and see what openings are available in the Lima area.

Is Career Services a placement office?

No, Career Services provides information on job openings and employers and will assist your son/daughter in finding suitable employment. Career Service also offers information on interviewing, resumes and professionalism that will guide your son/daughter to succeed.

How many hours a week should my son/daughter work starting out in college?

Typically new students should limit themselves to no more than 25 hours a week. This also depends on the student, class load and other extracurricular activities in which they participate, and if they are available during the weekends. As students further their education some work close to 40 hours a week.

How easy is it to find a job in Lima, OH?

It is not hard to find a job in the Lima area as long as your son/daughter is willing to apply for any and all jobs available. This means not limiting themselves by not applying for jobs at retail stores or restaurants and being willing to work on weekends. Employers in the Lima area know that students’ first obligation is their school work and try to accommodate their school schedule.

How can Career Services help my son/daughter find employment once they have graduated?

First of all, Career Services can help your son/daughter with their resume. A resume is an advertisement of their qualifications and skills. Then Career Services can educate them on interviewing skills through a seminar or one on one with one of the Directors. They also provide job searches for students and alumni. With our Career Magnet website, students register themselves and then have the opportunity to post their resume, search job openings and contact employers directly.