Career Services

FAQ's for Employers

What does Career Services do for employers?

Several things! We provide information about graduates, allow free posting of positions, invite you on campus to speak to students, hold (free) Career Fairs for both the College of Technologies and the College of Business, pre-screen applicants for you, allow you to interview here on campus for your open positions, and get recommendations from instructors.

Where can I post my open positions?

You can post your job openings on our Career Magnet or contact Career Services and we can post it for you. If you are interested in posting a job with Career Services please call or email one of the Directors and they can provide you with the instructions for posting to Career Magnet.

How can I participate in Career Fairs on campus? How often do they occur?

All information on upcoming Career Fairs is posted on Career Magnet. There is a page where you can register for any Career Fair. You can also request information on Career Fairs from the Co-Directors of Career Services by emailing or calling them directly.
We hold our Career Tech Days twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. We hold our Business Career Fair once a year.

If I have an open position posted and I have not had many inquiries, what should I do?

If you have not received many resumes/applications for a job you have posted with Career Services contact one of the Directors and they can email all students and let them know of the opportunity you currently have and they can contact instructors to get referrals on students with the qualifications to fill your open position. You can also request an on campus visit where you can do on-the-spot interviews. Career Services will provide you with an office and we will have students sign up for an interview prior to your visit. Again, all of these services are free to you.