Future Students


Quite simply, UNOH can deliver strong progressive academics, with flexible scheduling at an affordable price.

Progressive Academics

All classes at UNOH are designed to provide students the following skills:

  • To achieve academic success as well as stimulate lifelong learning and personal growth.
  • To give a core of knowledge and concepts expected of an educated member of society,
  • To convey a global perspective of cultural differences to provide respect for diversity.

Students at UHOH will become critical thinkers, able to develop a frame of reference to assess situations and apply knowledge to predict and evaluate outcomes.

Students at UNOH will become communicators, able to communicate thoughts effectively through different forms of written, spoken, and nonverbal messages.

Students at UNOH will have the most current technology, from the Medical Administrative Assistants Programs to High Performance Motorsports classes.

Students at UNOH will experience small class sizes taught by knowledgeable faculty with real working experience.


UNOH is continually thinking of how we can provide the most beneficial college experience for all students. Classes are available for those who work full or part time, day or night and those who attend full time and live on campus.

Convenient class schedules allow students to organize all of their classes in the morning, afternoon or evening. This gives students the most flexibility to work around almost any work schedule.

On-campus apartment style dorms give students the convenience of living within walking distance of all their classes and the ability to establish friendships that will last a lifetime.

Bachelor's Degrees can be completed in 3.5 years if students meet the scheduling requirements.


  • UNOH is one of the most affordable private universities in Ohio – with no out-of-state tuition.
  • Students receive more financial aid by attending a private university.
  • UHOH students receive over $14,000,000 in scholarships & grants per year.