Future Students

Transfer Students


Students may receive credit for courses in several ways:

  • by completing the courses satisfactorily
  • by passing proficiency exams
  • by demonstrating experiential learning through portfolio development
  • by transferring credits

Students who wish to transfer to other institutions should contact the Registrar at that college or university for information about transferability of credit.

Transferring Credits

Students who transfer from another college should have a transcript of their college courses sent directly from their original college to the Registrar at the University of Northwestern Ohio for evaluation of credit. Credit may be granted for comparable course descriptions and credit hours in which students have received a grade of C or better.

A maximum of 8 quarter hours for master degree programs, 135 quarter hours for baccalaureate degree programs, 81 quarter hours for associate degree programs and 54 quarter hours for diploma programs may be transferred from other institutions. A maximum of 20 credit hours will be transferred into the general component of the associate of applied science degree. Diploma students are required to complete their general education course requirements through the University of Northwestern Ohio. Computer and other technical courses will need to be retaken if not taken within a recent time period.

Proficiency Exams

Proficiency exams may be taken by all students – Traditional and Online. Contact the Registrar's Office for a list of courses for which proficiency exams are available. Fees are $50 per test for the Colleges of Business, Occupational Professions, and Health Professions and $50 per written test/$150 per hands-on test for a technical course in the College of Applied Technologies.