Future Students

Admissions Procedures



Applications for enrollment will be completed by the applicants and will be forwarded to the administrative staff for review. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection within four weeks. This notification indicates a conditional acceptance contingent upon final transcripts after graduation from high school. At the time of application, a $20 registration fee must be paid.
If you would like to meet with a representative at the time of application, please contact the Admissions Department at (419) 998-3120.


Students will be accepted at the University on one of two levels. The first is Full Acceptance, which means that no restrictions are placed upon the students. The second is Conditional Acceptance, which means that the student is being accepted for one academic quarter or session on the condition that normal scholastic progress is achieved.

Time of Admission

Students are admitted at the beginning of each term according to the dates in the catalog. Students may not begin after the first week of classes. Students must have a high school diploma or GED before they may begin classes unless they are in an early admission or post-secondary options program. Students who have been home-schooled must also present proof of graduation and other appropriate documentation.

Placement Testing

Placement Testing serves two purposes. First, it helps the University determine abilities in English and Mathematics. Second, it places students in the correct course level, either college-level courses or courses that prepare student for college-level courses.

To help students succeed, the University provides developmental assistance. For those students who demonstrate a need for help, MH065 Review Math and EN070 Basic English are required. These credits are not counted in the accumulative total of credits required for graduation.

Students from all colleges are permitted to submit valid ACT scores for placement into college-level courses. Any student scoring 18 or higher on the ACT English or Math Test, or a 450 or higher on the SAT in Math and/or English is not required to take tests for placement in college-level courses. All other students must take the University placement test or take the developmental courses.

Degree-Seeking vs. Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Degree-seeking students enroll for the purpose of completing diploma or degree programs. Students may declare a major at the time of enrollment or enter as an undeclared major. Undeclared majors may declare majors at any time. However, because of the sequence of major courses, it will take longer to graduate.

Non-degree-seeking students do not intend to complete diploma or degree programs. These students may take a maximum of 12 credit hours and must then declare a major and complete the regular application process. Non-degree seeking students must meet all course prerequisites and will be placed on academic hold which will require the Registrar's Office to schedule classes. The hold will be removed if a major is declared.