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Student E-mail Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UNOH upgrading e-mail systems?

UNOH is always seeking new opportunities to improve our technology services. When Microsoft began offering Office 365 for free in 2011, we realized that this service provided far more features than UNOH could reasonably deliver. We chose Office 365 to improve e-mail services for our students, faculty and staff.

Will I be able to keep all of my old e-mail?

Yes. After your mailbox has been migrated all of your e-mail, calendar events, tasks, and folders will be available in the new e-mail system.

Will I be able to check UNOH e-mail from my mobile device?

Yes. The instructions for configuring your mobile device will change, however. The new instructions can be found here.

How will I get to my new mailbox?

You will access your new mailbox by logging onto the MyUNOH portal at with your same username and password. If you prefer, you can connect to your e-mail directly at

I lost my password, how can I log into my e-mail?

Simply go to and click on the Reset Password link.

Can I bypass MyUNOH to get to my e-mail on the web?

Yes. While MyUNOH is always the best place to start, you can also access your e-mail directly at after your mailbox has been upgraded.