College of Occupational Professions

Majors & Degree Programs

The College of Occupational Professions at the University of Northwestern Ohio offers a Baccalaureate Degree, Associate Degrees, Diplomas, and Certificate Programs. Some programs have major course sequences beginning summer and/or fall quarters.

Click the links below to view course specific information as pdf files.

Baccalaureate Degree

Specialized Studies (pdf)
Sport Marketing and Management (pdf)

Associate Degrees

Agribusiness Marketing/Management Technology (pdf)
IT - Computer Forensics (not offered online) (pdf)
IT - Digital Multimedia Design (not offered online) (pdf)
IT - Network Security (not offered online) (pdf)
IT - System Administration (not offered online)(pdf)
Legal Assisting (pdf)
Office Management (pdf)
Specialized Studies (pdf)
Sport Marketing and Management (pdf)
Travel and Hotel Management (pdf)

Diploma Programs

Agribusiness Management (pdf)
Executive Assistant (pdf)
IT - Digital Media Specialist (not offered online) (pdf)
IT - Networking Technician (not offered online) (pdf)
Paralegal (pdf)
Travel and Hospitality (pdf)
Word Processing Specialist (pdf)

Certificate Programs

Information Technologist (not offered online) (pdf)
Information Technician (not offered online) (pdf)